Welcome to Flag Star Football

This league is the best. It's fun. It's high-energy. It's the league we would've wanted as kids. 

And we exist for two reasons: To Get Better. And Have Fun. 

At the core of our organization, that's what we're about. Getting better and having fun. We're about positive coaches who love teaching the game. We're about supportive parents and compassionate referees. We're about low-pressure environments where kids can just play! 

This is a league for everyone -- whether you're an all-star or a couch potato. Boy or girl. Rich or poor. We believe in the power of play and we believe everyone should have that opportunity. 

Fall Registration Opening Soon!

Registration starts July 16th and closes September 21st

Back here in the Flag Star Headquarters, the Flag Star crew is gearing up for the Fall.

With our registration opening soon, we're in the countdown until Fall. Open enrollment opens sooner than you think! So, first-time-ballers, late-comers, new-to-towners -- let's get going! 

You can find more information on your league locations below:

The K-1 crew balling out! They are definitley ready for Spring!

The K-1 crew balling out! They are definitley ready for Spring!

Flag Star Football is the absolute highlight of our sports schedule. Every time we step on the field, there’s a ton of positive energy, great coaching and — most importantly — FUN!
— Keirstein Campbell


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