Step #1

You will need to go to You will either need to log back in or create a parent profile.


Step #2

Select the Flag Star League or event.

The current Pennsylvania sessions will show up as...

Flag Star Philly Cheltenham/Mt. Airy--Fall 2019

Flag Star Philly Wayne—Fall 2019

Step #3 (for the Fall leagues)

K-1st Grade 

2nd-3rd Grade Pro-Coached

2nd-3rd Grade Parent-Coached

4th-5th Grade Pro-Coached

4th-5th Grade Parent-Coached

6th-8th Grade Pro-Coached

6th-8th Grade Parent-Coached


Select Division

For 2nd-3rd grade and Older, there is a Pro Coach and Parent Coach option. Do not choose Parent unless you, a spouse, a close relative (Uncle, Aunt, Older Sibling) or one of those for a teammate has already volunteered. ( the 2nd-3rd grade only requirement if you are Coaching a K-1st grade or 2nd-3rd-grade team you must be able to throw a ball or have an assistant coach who can. We can help with plays, drills, etc.)  


If you are part of a team formation click the name. If you are joining solo click individual or free agent.



Step #4


If you have a scholarship/promo code now is the time to enter it.


Let me know if you have any questions. Can't wait to have you with us!